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10/26/13 11:59 AM #1    

Edie Small (Davidson)

Welcome to the Boardman High School Class Of 1968 forums. Please press "Post Response" to participate in the discussion.

02/02/14 12:13 PM #2    

Lynn Evans (Dunn)

I have!!!!


02/03/14 02:11 AM #3    

Marian Peck (Dirda)

Now I see it.  Hope to see everyone at the reunion this summer.


02/04/14 08:15 PM #4    

Al Murray

Any golfers??

02/07/14 10:17 AM #5    

Al Murray

You get your choice of tee time and foursome!

02/08/14 04:16 PM #6    

Eric Brill

I would love to play a round with you guys...

God loves golf,


02/09/14 07:38 AM #7    

Anthony Brucoli

Me too!  I'm in.  Skins anyone? 

02/09/14 01:50 PM #8    

Ira Hermann

Golf sounds great. What day and where.



02/10/14 07:06 PM #9    

Al Murray

We have tee times Saturday at Millcreek !

Some may want practice round Friday!

Old farts play nine for 7.50!

class of 69 usually has 30 golfers!

more info to follow!

02/23/14 11:55 AM #10    

Tom Jacobs

Al- Adding Marc Camens to my group of Larry Hageman, Rick Klumpp &myself. Any time would be great, but we would love to be in position to watch the Al Covington show!



02/24/14 02:26 PM #11    

Jack Welker

Al,  Put me in a group with Eric Brill if possible.  Thanks

02/24/14 04:29 PM #12    

Anthony Brucoli

Al - can you please put me in with Jack Welker and Eric Brill.  Thank you!

02/24/14 08:18 PM #13    

Al Murray

Tom that would be extra charge to see Covvy .

let me know if you want to be on golf committee .

04/10/14 04:43 PM #14    


Michelle Silver

I will be thinking of every one and hope you have a blessed reunion. I will be in Georgia hopefully working. Sorry I have to miss the reunion will be keeping all in prayer for fun and safe travels.

05/03/14 11:51 AM #15    

David West

Hey Michelle Silver! Do you remember me- Dave West? We are neighbors! I live in N.C

05/04/14 06:50 PM #16    


Michelle Silver

Sorry Dave, maybe a picture would help. I left school moved to Florida and in 1979 my skull was shattered in 8 places. That has effected a lot of my memory. However at 61,  I returned to school and will graduate this Thursday May 8th with a diploma in accoumnting and 3 health care certificates. Hope you are well neighbor.

05/06/14 07:27 PM #17    

David West

Hi Michelle, Wow serious head injury! I can relate, I have had 6 serious concussions 3 in one year. Doctors said the only thing that save me was a very thick skull. Otherwise I would not be here. I was in a lot of your classes. Peggy Wittenauer was my girfriend. And I was friends with Tria Dakedes. Anyway Congrates on school. I retired from grocery business at age 52, (used to work at Sparkle in Boardman) Now I just oil paint, do leathercraft at times. Oh and you haven't aged at all from your picture!       

  Dave West

05/07/14 01:16 PM #18    


Michelle Silver

Thank you for the compliment. If you are ever in the Georgia area look me up. I can't travel until I find a job and some income. In the meantime I rescue, foster and cross post dogs from kill shelters. I specialize in special needs dogs and have a facebook account if you want to see more pics. I have changed in as much as I am no longer skinny! Due to steroids for ligament damage I am close to 200 pounds but being 5'10 helps. Have a blessed weekend.

04/06/16 09:01 AM #19    


Susan Louise Darnell

It's almost least when I look out at this last snow. I don't know why I'm thinking about my high school days. It's spring, maybe that is why! Does anyone else get spring feaver frenzies?

06/23/16 12:38 PM #20    

Dean Chengelis (Chengelis)

So good to hrar from you Russ, hope you are well.

09/23/17 01:22 PM #21    


Michelle Silver

I am not sure if I will attend 50th reunion next year. However, I will be in the Boardman area for Thanksgiving this year 2017. Visiting my son and his family. If anyone isn't doing Black Friday shopping maybe we could meet for coffee.

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